Lighting of Office Corridors

An office corridor is not only a traffic zone, it is the space where people relax, collaborate, work in teams or even meet with clients. Lighting is used to emphasise different zones in a circulation or corridor area, but must not create an uncomfortable environment for those working inside adjacent rooms. Corner-mounted linear systems provide glare-free, wall washing light to the walls and ceiling. Indirect light makes corridors seem bigger and more inviting.

By casting more light onto walls, ceilings and people’s faces, the conditions for visual communication are improved. Wall illuminances in circulation areas should be a minimum of 50 lux and the ceiling should have at least 30 lux. In sitting groups and communication zones, higher illumination levels should be considered, as well as cylindrical illuminance and the light’s modelling effect.

Recessed downlights are often used in corridors, but more effecively direct/indirect lighting will offer appropriate light in conversation zones.

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