Whether it’s occasionally or constantly, unplugging from the commotion of our busy lives is a necessary mission to undertake. We often seek higher ground, where the air is fresher, and the beauty is unmatched.
When Georgie Stevenson reached out to Caribou in regards to the Beechmont Chalet project, we jumped at the opportunity. Georgie is a lawyer turned entrepreneur, co-founder of Naked Harvest Supplements and a social media personality. She had a vision for the Beechmont Chalet and has reimagined the cottage into a picturesque Airbnb with spectacular views over the Gold Coast hinterland. Georgie and her partner Tim have created a harmonious balance between humble quirks of mountain living and contemporary luxury.
Throughout the project we worked closely with Georgie to create a unique design and lighting schedule. The outcome is a testimony to Georgie and the great design team who we worked alongside for this project.
We now have the opportunity to showcase the revitalisation of this once humble cottage with a walk through with Georgie Stevenson.
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