When Bianca from SquareDesigns Corporate was finalising the selections for her new project, she said “one of the benefits Caribou has in the market is that no other supplier could assure her of supply of full 5M lengths of linear profile in one continuous run, as it was imperative not to have any visible joins with the pendant”.Β  Our RAZOR MAX 4 linear pendant system can do just that.Β  In fact, most of our linear profiles are available in full lengths up to 5M long, including RAZOR SUPER MAX and our RAZOR MINI series.
Just another reason why our customers make Caribou their preferred architectural lighting supplier.
Bianca also applauded our efforts with launching our new Website (understanding the time and work involved to do so) and how user friendly it is to work with.
Thanks for the positive feedback, Bianca.Β  We love working with you and your wonderful projects.
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