Lighting joinery is an excellent way of bringing another layer of light into a space. It adds a level of indirect softness and can appear like a window in a room, which works particularly well in Kitchens, Living Rooms and Bars. The ideal balance of light is best achieved by using multiple layers of light rather than using just one type of light source.  This allows for contrast rather than rendering everything in the same amount of light. This can create a visual interplay of light and shadow, interesting silhouettes and patterns, bringing the beauty of materials and objects within to life.

There is no rule of thumb on how to light a joinery piece, but a little bit of forward planning and co-ordination can take you a long way to both stage your objects and create the mood.

The implementation of joinery undergoes various stages of development throughout the project. Interior Designers envision joinery based on the clients’ requirements which are then realised by joiners. Planning and collaborating well in advance how you would like to integrate lighting schemes into these pieces is key to both its flexibility and end result.  It’s important for the client to provide samples of the aluminium profiles specified for the joinery to ensure the cabinet maker routs the appropriate size to ensure a snug and trimless finish.

At Caribou we have a wide selection of aluminium profiles and LED to complement every interior and application.

Some of our most popular profiles are listed below >

Razor 2

Razor Micro

Razor 4

Razor 6

Even though joinery accounts for only a small portion of the lights used in a project, the richness (or simplicity) of the materials and the objects can act as a canvas to demonstrate how good or bad the quality of light used is. Choosing the right light in terms of colour temperatures and CRI can help you achieve the best results. The difference will be made using  good quality linear profile lights. They need to be both colour-consistent, so each shelf does not look a slightly different colour and have a high CRI (Colour Rendition Index) of 80 or above to show the true colours of the objects being lit.

For a comprehensive look at our linear LED profiles, please download our RAZOR CATALOGUE.

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