We can use different lighting types in interior design of lighting sources to design the lighting plan of a space like a pro. First of all, we need to understand that a good lighting design is all about layers. We need to blend different lighting sources into space to create contrast, highlight elements, color, and texture.

Let’s understand how the layers work. Ambient lighting is the base layer of light in any room. the main purpose of ambient lighting is the overall illumination of a room, which lets you see and move clearly throughout the entire room.  Ambient lighting is meant to create a general and uniform lighting level and is the first layer of lighting that sets the tone of a space.

Typically the ambient lighting is soft and diffused. You can incorporate ambient lighting through recessed down lights.  A very popular choice for designers is the KNEE DEEP by Caribou.  An excellent first layer choice.

Accent lighting intends to highlight a specific object or area and to draw attention to pictures such as artwork, furnishings, or architectural details converting them into focal points.

Accent lights are responsible for adding style, contrast, and drama to a space. So if you feel that your room may be missing that special element or feel, it may be the accent lighting.

This lighting layer is used to highlight design elements within your space, in order to create more defined shadows that will add depth to each object and to the overall appearance of the space.

Options for accent lighting include the MERCURY spot light series, also CHIOS mini recessed down lights with variable tight optics.

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