Private Residence, Ashgrove

The name ASHGROVE comes from two non-aboriginal words ASH and GROVE which roughly translate to ‘BIRTHPLACE OF LEGENDS’.  Ashgrove is the only Brisbane suburb to have a style of house named after it. Not surprisingly it’s called ‘THE ASHGROVIAN’. No other Brisbane suburb has this honour. Search as you will, you won’t find any Kedronians or Cooparoooians or even Woollongabbaians (ref : Michael Gerard Bauer Author).

Caribou was honoured to partner with Space Constructions to deliver lighting solutions to this beautiful home.  Featuring our custom RAZOR SUPER MAX 50 linear LED system over the kitchen island, our RAZOR 2 mini LED profile to joinery and the stair cases.  Topped off with the beautiful KELLY pendant by LODES of Italy.