Majestic Cinemas

Majestic Cinemas have cinemas in nine locations across NSW and QLD, now including Wynnum.

The multi-use development located at 82-90 Berrima Street, Wynnum includes 66 apartments, a six-theatre cinema and cafe.  Caribou was brought in to assist with the supply of the architectural lighting to Majestic Cinemas, which included a bespoke product solution for each of the Cinemas.  The Vale surface mounted circular luminaire was equipped with a unique LED array to be compatible with the control system for the cinemas.  We also added a special touch with our ‘Black Edition’ diffuser with satin finish to provide a blacked out luminaire when the movies are on (with no reflection from the diffuser thanks to the satin finish), plus excellent, controllable light for when guests arrive and the light transitions to ‘showtime’.

Caribou also provide Knee Deep down lights throughout, our Razor 2 profile to the handrails, Vortex track mounted spot lights to spotlight the movie advertising and Razor Max 4 to the front of house.

Builder : Hutchinson Builders

Electrical : Green Switch Electrical

Year : 2021