Jan Manton Gallery, Teneriffe

Jan Manton Gallery is excited to announce that after ten years at our Fortescue Street Gallery in Spring Hill, we have relocated to the riverside enclave of Teneriffe.

Set amongst the vibrant cafe and bar culture of Teneriffe, architects Sullivan & Skinner took full advantage of the areas industrial past, converting a ground floor commercial space into a leading contemporary art gallery. Residing on a main road, the space is easily accessible and is within walking distance from the Commercial Street bus station and the Teneriffe City Cat and Ferry Wharf.

Caribou Lighting was very fortunate to be involved with another of Jan’s wonderful gallery’s.  Working with Tahnee Sullivan on a versatile lighting strategy that incorporated our GYRE track mounted luminaires designed specifically for illuminating artwork together with a slim and compact design.

To add further versatility for the gallery, the artwork lights are mounted to a 3-circuit suspended track system enabling the gallery to move and remove luminaires as they see fit to suit different exhibitions.

Architect : Sullivan Skinner

Completed : 2020