192 Central – Daisho Rooftop

The rooftop of 192 Central is an inner-city subtropical escape designed to accommodate a variety of small and large group activities. The rooftop garden incorporates a bar area complete with fridges and outdoor kitchen, semi-private work pods and an outdoor screen with a retractable roof and seating. The space has been designed to be equally usable at night for events and functions as during the day.

A large part of this functionality is due to the lighting choice, with Caribou’s Zig Zag playing a major role in the rooftops task and ambient lighting. Our Zig Zag not only provides a functional purpose but is integrated into the design. The flexibility of our Zig Zag allows it to follow the curves, turns, and corners of the work pod structures and inbuilt seating. By being built into the work pods Zig Zag brings to life their distinctive silhouette against the backdrop of the surrounding city buildings.

Electrical Contractor: Electract Energy Pty Ltd